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Where is it going, and how long for? – Printed self-adhesive vinyl

The two most important questions we ask clients when they are looking for a printed self-adhesive vinyl. Here at digital plus we pride ourselves on providing the correct solution and as marketing managers are these days handling social media, digital marketing, web, and TV as well as print we often find ourselves on hand to offer advice based upon a client brief or specification when it comes to large format graphics.

Where is it going is vital information as we produce many different vinyl’s, all which offer a unique solution these include:

Clear vinyl, used the majority of time for window graphics, printed to the face or in reverse.
The latter allowing the graphic to be installed from the inside with the artwork facing out or printed double sided for coverage both sides of the window. Clear vinyl also comes in a variety of transparencies, at Digital Plus we tend to use a clear, ultra-clear or optically clear, this is especially important when using a spot white in your graphic rather than a flood white as the vinyl showing can be various levels of transparency.City Centre Window Graphics

(You can see our artwork saving guidelines which show how to save your white layers here!)

Grey back vinyl, this is a very unique self-adhesive vinyl as it offers a block out layer within the material itself. This is a great solution to use for a whole host of graphics when you are wishing to cover an existing graphic or place the vinyl on something with a strong colour and you do not wish to see that colour coming through. Used in a whole host of environments we have seen this on floors, interior/exterior signs, display graphics in a whole host of business throughout the UK, product POS in retail outlets and much more!

White vinyl, very similar to the above but without the block out properties. Again we have seen this used for large leisure facilities floor vinyl’s, temporary window vinyl’s applied externally for museums and 2 day events, we also use this for many of our property vinyl’s who take advertising their commercial properties one step further than a ‘for sale sign’ by utilising the windows etc on the site itself! Although available in different grades it is also used on many projects where wall graphics are applied, whether that be in a reception area, showroom or meeting room. Large prints for a variety of industries left on the sheets so that clients themselves can remove when required is also a regular occurrence with clients knowing that price per print can often be more economical by holding certain regular messages in stock and calling off when required.

How long for, how long will your message be in situ? This is vital as all of the above vinyl’s are available in a variety of different adhesive levels, ideal for any situation.

  • Permanent
  • High tack
  • Removable
  • Re-positional

Permanent, does what it says on the tin! Placed in many different environments from windows to meeting rooms, used for floor graphics and product labels printed by the roll and cut so that the client can peel off when required. If you do not wish for the graphic to budge this is the one for you.

High tack, our advice to clients with high tack is be sure that is where you want it when you apply! This is an aggressive vinyl which we use when we are applying a graphic to a non smooth wall for example or wrapping a wooden substrate for a museum exhibition, once it’s on it is the most difficult to remove but a highly effective solution when required. We often find that a site survey through our Project Plus team can obtain the correct vinyl to use, an adhesion test can be performed at this point. To find out more about this service take a look here.

Removable, short term use and events where only a temporary solution is required is where we tend to see this product being used. Whether this be removable clear vinyl on windows or a removeable floor graphic on white vinyl, the adhesion is less aggressive than its permanent counterpart but still great for the right environment and has known to be down for months at times especially when teamed up with a laminate finish.


Re-positional, one of our favourite products at Digital Plus! This vinyl can be applied and removed multiple times with ease which is great if you are in retail and asking your staff to put up sale vinyl’s on your shop windows or you are creating an event at a hotel where no adhesive can be left behind after removal, available in white and clear we have sent samples of this vinyl to venues where they would never normally let a vinyl be used but welcomed the solution once tested and seen for themselves! We once had a customer asking how many times this type of vinyl could be applied the removed to a drywipe board for a corporate event, we stopped at 150 times!

As you can see, all we need to know are the answers to two simple questions, once we have this information we can advise on the material we should be printing your large format graphics too, samples of all the above are available upon request through your business development manager or account handler.

We look forward to handling your enquiry and hope you are all safe during this difficult time.