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Acrylic signs for businesses

Are you after some acrylic signs?

Create a focal point, share your marketing collateral or really show off your products to their full advantage with our versatile and durable acrylic displays that are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Acrylic signs for businesses – what are the options?

The options are varied and include:

  • Custom acrylic signs
  • Perspex acrylic signs
  • Acrylic shop sign
  • Acrylic logo signage
  • Acrylic office signs
  • Frosted acrylic signs
  • Freestanding acrylic signs
  • Outdoor acrylic signs
  • Perspex shop signs
  • Printed acrylic signs
  • Perspex office signs

Why choose our acrylic signs for businesses?

We’re highly experienced at creating acrylic signs for businesses. We’ve been producing eye-catching and long-lasting acrylic displays and signs for more than 18 years.

Your acrylic signs, expertly installed

At Digital Plus, we provide the whole package. This makes the whole process of ordering and fitting your new acrylic signs fast, easy and hassle-free. If needed, you can access our:

  • Design advice
  • Printing service
  • Delivery and installation service



It all starts with your ideas….

Simply tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll recommend the best product for the acrylic sign at hand. Here are some more details to get you thinking:

Custom acrylic signs – tell us what you have in mind and we’ll create it for you, just as you imagined! We can produce signs in any shape and any size, just tell us your vision and we’ll turn it into reality for you.

Perspex acrylic signs – Perspex acrylic signs are incredibly popular, mainly because they provide a clean, stylish and modern sign solution. They’re also long-lasting and feature crisp contemporary edges.

Acrylic shop sign – choose between coloured and clear acrylic to create shop signage that looks highly professional and has been designed to withstand the test of time. If you need multiple signs or want to refresh your brand, they can be updated cost effectively too.

Acrylic logo signage – make your logo really stand out by sandwiching it in between durable layers of acrylic to immediately create that contemporary feel. From a practical perspective, your logo will be protected from the elements and everyday wear and tear, depending on where you position it.

Acrylic office signs – prevent signs from getting worn quickly and make them easy to spot whether they’re indoors, outdoors on the wall or above doors. Acrylic office signage is ideal for directional signage and health and safety signs that are likely to be in place for a long time.

Frosted acrylic signs – a good match with modern buildings and commercial spaces, frosted acrylic signs are a cost effective alternative to etched glass. They’re designed to last a whole lot longer than glass too.

Freestanding acrylic signs – one of the main reasons why acrylic is such a good material for signage is because it’s lightweight and extremely hard-wearing compared to other materials, such as glass. This means it’s study and robust enough for creating freestanding signs.

Outdoor acrylic signs – weatherproof your outdoor signage from all types of weather, including the wind, rain, snow and ice. What’s more, while acrylic may be plastic, it’s so thick, that there’s no risk of it melting in the sun either.

Perspex shop signs – acrylic, such as Perspex, is often used to create illuminated shop signs for the retail world that look contemporary and won’t shatter or fade. They’re also lightweight and incredibly easy to install in most locations.

Printed acrylic signs – we can print on to the front of acrylic signs or on to the back of signs if working with transparent acrylic, to create bold, standout messaging that looks clear and isn’t going to fade anytime soon.

Perspex office signs – make sure your office signs look professional stay looking newer for longer by creating them from Perspex. The glass-like quality of Perspex looks clean and sophisticated when used as a background for simple text or graphics, such as a company logo.

Take a look at some of the acrylic signs for businesses we’ve previously installed for an idea of what our services can achieve:

Our acrylic displays & signage

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