Indoor Signage For Businesses

Indoor signs for business

Interior signs work in all organisations, regardless of their sector or size. From providing staff with motivating messages and visitors with directions to communicating compulsory health and safety messages, our range of indoor signs for businesses are used far and wide within all sorts of companies.

Indoor signs for businesses – what are the options?

The options are varied and include:

  • Internal office signage
  • Business logo signage
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Reception desk signage
  • Hanging signs for offices
  • Illuminated signage
  • Office door signage
  • Wall-mounted signs

Why choose our indoor signs for businesses?

We’re highly experienced at creating indoor signs for businesses. We’ve been producing eye-catching and informative indoor office, corporate branding and restaurant signs for more than 18 years.

Your indoor signs, expertly installed

At Digital Plus, we provide the whole package. This makes the process of ordering and fitting your new interior signs fast, easy and hassle-free. If needed, you can access our:

  • Design advice
  • Printing service
  • Delivery and installation service



It all starts with your ideas…

Simply tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll recommend the best product for the indoor sign at hand. Here are some more details to get you thinking:


Internal office signage – bring your brand to life and instantly make your office space feel professional by installing indoor signs that’ll be seen by staff and visitors. Use them to reinforce your company vision, highlight your company identity or simply point people in the right direction.


Business logo signage – get your logo out there with signs that display your logo in any size, shape or dimension. What better way to put your company stamp on things than by using your logo to do it!


Wayfinding signage – do you have certain areas that are for staff only? Or are there parts of your premises that may be tricky for visitors to find? Avoid any confusion by installing wayfinding signage that navigates and engages.


Reception desk signage – greet staff and visitors with a professional welcome with reception desk signs that show they’re in the right place. Use them to reinforce your brand messages and logo to people from the moment they first step foot in your premises.


Hanging signs for offices – are great for communicating health and safety guidance, your company values or motivational messages without taking up too much space or causing an obstruction. Hang them from your doors, walls or ceilings, the options are endless.


Illuminated signage – make a statement with signs that literally light up the room. Illuminated signs are great for instantly grabbing people’s attention, helping you stand out from the crowd and effortlessly achieve increased visibility.


Office door signage – these signs are essential for showing staff and visitors that they’ve reached the right room and are invaluable if you have lots of visitors on-site every day. They also work hand-in-hand with wayfinding signs.


Wall-mounted signs – brighten up your walls and reinforce your brand with signs that are quick and easy to put up and take down and are available in all sorts of sizes and materials. Like all types of indoor signs for businesses, wall-mounted signs make a great first impression.

Take a look at some of the indoor signs for businesses we’ve previously installed for an idea of what our services can achieve:


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