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An inside perspective on large format digital print

Last time, we spoke to production manager, Gareth Hartley, about what goes into operating a successful large format digital print studio. This week, we chat to Martin Popplestone, to find out what he brings to his role as account manager.

I joined Digital Plus at the end of January 2015, so have been with the business a little over 3 years and 3 months. My role involves taking on client requests, offering expert advice and working with the production team to ensure projects are completed to the highest standard possible.

‘Clear, honest advice’

With almost 20 years’ industry experience under my belt, I’m no stranger to the world of large format digital print. And, as with any industry, practical experience is hugely valuable. It means I am able to advise clients on the best materials and print methods to be used to achieve their goal.

I think it’s important that printing companies provide clear, honest advice, rather than simply saying what the customer wants to hear. I always try and be practical in terms of what can be produced, whilst still achieving the clients’ goals within their budget.

‘Handling almost every job’

I get to handle almost every job that we produce at Digital Plus, which means I enjoy a varied role and get to see the full range of ideas that pass through our studio. I also deal directly with a handful of key clients from initial brief right through to production and delivery of the finished job.

All this gives me an insider’s perspective as to what kind of large format digital print projects are currently being achieved. This means, when a new client comes to me with a request, I am armed with plenty of information and real-life examples to help them develop their ideas.

‘Feeding back live, accurate updates’

A big part of my role is keeping projects running to deadline. I update clients on the progress of their orders and spend time ensuring each job is produced and delivered according to the agreed schedule. I work closely with the production manager to ensure I am feeding back live, accurate updates and any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

I recently worked on a project to deliver free-standing bespoke display units to Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield. Constructed of glass and aluminium, the stands proved challenging due to the nature of the materials used and the environment they were to be used within.

‘Overcoming challenges’

As with any unique design, it took a fair amount of problem-solving to get right. Ensuring the glass complied with British Standards and sourcing a robust yet stylish aluminium base unit were just two of the challenges we faced during the process. However, the finished results were worth the effort and the client was over the moon with the end results.

‘Discussing the best methodology’

Aside from the satisfaction of doing a fantastic job for our clients, I also enjoy working in the relaxed yet professional environment we have here at Digital Plus. I am surrounded by colleagues who have an in-depth understanding of their industry, which makes it a really stimulating place to work.

We get the chance to engage in a bit of healthy discussion over the best methodology and learn new ideas and techniques from each other. It also means that, when challenges do arise, we work together to ensure a high-quality end result that leaves the client completely satisfied.

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