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It’s almost that time again – what Christmas graphics will you choose?


Who’s in charge of your work’s Christmas decor?

Love it or loathe it, it falls to one of us each year to sort the Christmas decorations at work. This lucky elf is tasked with finding jolly (and jolly affordable) ways of making their office, workshop, store or salon, fit for the festive period.

Everybody loves a big tree and plenty of festive lights. But these things aren’t always practical for the workplace. The last thing you need is health and safety cancelling Christmas.

So, what’s the alternative? Those plastic foil streamers that hang half-heartedly from the ceiling? Paper chains, or hand-cut snowflakes? There is a better way. A less make-shift way. And that’s custom printed Christmas graphics.


Out with the gaudy and in with the… you

Opting for custom printed Christmas graphics enables you to choose decorations that fit exactly with your branding and create the right impression.

The beauty of printed graphics is that you choose the tone you want to set. Go bright, loud and colourful, or subtle and tasteful – it’s completely up to you. You could even personalise your Christmas display around your team, your company vision or the year’s achievements.


The fast, affordable and quality way to decorate

Whilst they do offer a professional finish, vinyl graphics are still incredibly simple to install and remove. We can print temporary designs for your buildings’ walls, windows, doors and floors, or create standalone graphics that can be packed up and used the following year.

The best bit of all is that you avoid the hassle of traditional decorations. No room for a tree? Invest in a printed Christmas tree and prop it neatly against a wall, then pack it away for the next year. Simple!

The possibilities for creating your own printed Christmas display are endless. Whether you have a particular design in mind or are in need of a bit of inspiration, our creative team will help you make it a display like no other!

Got some ideas for printed Christmas graphics at your place of work? Talk to one of our experts about your space and we’ll help you get started.