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How interactive wall graphics could improve your internal communications

The average British worker receives 121 emails per day and spends 28% of their working week reading and replying to them. While emails are essential to most roles, cutting back on them could help us save precious minutes each day.

Every business occasionally has news it needs to share with the whole company, but not every piece of information is always worthy of an email.

Creating an internal communications wall or board is the easy way to bypass unnecessary office emails. And it can help you to brighten up a dead space in the process!

Dry wipe, magnetic boards and walls enable you to write, draw and pin all of your internal messages where they can be seen by everybody. Not only that, but creating a space that everyone can share is a great way to improve internal communications.


Use your board to:

  • Update the team on important news or events
  • Share achievements and good news
  • Facilitate meetings and ‘stand ups’
  • Add photos, notes and personal messages
  • Share welcome and greetings messages
  • Track success and create leader boards

As opposed to traditional whiteboards, magnetic, dry-wipe wall graphics allow you to use branding and visuals to create a display that’s personal to your organisation, as well as eye-catching. Think of it a little bit like interactive wallpaper!

Whatever the size of your organisation, a shared magnetic wall space is a great way to invite teams to interact with one another (away from the keyboard!) and get creative with their announcements and discussions.

Got a blank space that could be brightened up with a branded magnetic board or wall? Talk to one of our experts about your space and we’ll help you develop some strong ideas.