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Bold colour print for the Tetley Leeds building

Have you visited the Tetley Leeds? 

The Tetley Leeds building is a local success story. It was built in the 1930s and was previously the home of the Tetley Brewery headquarters before being closed in 2011.

In 2013, the building was given a new lease of life. In a project supported by the new owners, Carlsberg, and organisations including Leeds City Council and the Arts Council, the site was transformed into a centre for contemporary arts.

The Tetley building is now open to the public and houses gallery, studio and office space, alongside event rooms and a bar and kitchen. The centre hosts a range of events, from exhibitions and talks to conferences and weddings. In less than a decade, it’s become a part of the cultural fabric of Leeds.

From its opening, the Tetley has worked hard to reach a wide audience within the local area and beyond. The centre is now visited by 120,000 people each year.


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Pulling in the crowds with clever branding

The Tetley building is unmistakable as a landmark, but you might not necessarily guess it’s an arts centre from the outside. The centre uses eye-catching branding and signposting to tell visitors and passers-by about everything it has to offer.

We recently produced this bright printed graphic for a disused gateway. The building is surrounded by a large, walled car park, meaning it’s only accessible from a few main entrances.


This old gate no longer served a purpose and needed securely blocking up. Instead of leaving it vacant, the Tetley wanted to use it to display a large graphic. We suggested printing direct to aluminium panels, then drilling them into place.

This secured the gateway and provided a billboard-sized area to showcase their branding. The bright red design brightens up the otherwise dull space and tells people exactly which way to go to reach the gallery. It’s a really simple, yet practical, piece of visual communication.

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