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How interactive graphics can enrich your pupils’ school day

As classroom sizes get larger, it’s important teachers have the right tools to help keep the whole class engaged during lessons. Interactive learning is a great way of getting every child involved and it can help to improve overall concentration levels too.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need flashy technology to hold engaging interactive lessons. Printed graphics are an affordable way to fit-out your classrooms with functional displays that can be used and reused the whole year round.

We work closely with schools to create printed signs and graphics that help enrich their children’s days. Why not take a look at these ideas for a bit of inspiration?


Get every child involved with an interactive educational display

Many children enjoy getting up and sharing their ideas and interactive display boards give them the chance to put their textbooks aside. They can also make topics that bit more memorable too.

Educational wall displays are a fantastic feature and can be used effectively for lessons with all age groups. Printing displays on to dry wipe, magnetic boards allow teachers to plan a huge range of interactive learning activities and the same board can easily be used again-and-again.


Reward good behaviour with an incentive display

It’s no secret that rewarding good behaviour is one of the best ways to encourage achievement – as well as discouraging disruptive behaviour! However, to get everyone on board, your reward programme needs to be communicated effectively. A printed incentive board provides a constant visual reminder to the whole classroom.

Investing in a printed vinyl reward chart or leaderboard enables you to create something that’s completely reusable.


Make break times more exciting with outdoor play equipment

With a reported fifth of children in the UK not getting outdoors enough, it’s important schools encourage outdoor play wherever possible. Children of all ages enjoy spending quality time outside and investing in hardwearing outdoor play equipment helps to create a safe, engaging outdoor space that can withstand everyday use.

Something as simple as custom printed signs can create small focal points for playground games, as well as brighten up the surrounding space. And choosing outdoor games that are fixed to a wall or floor avoids the hassle of having to store them securely when they aren’t being used.

These ideas are by no means exhaustive and every school will have their own unique way of engaging their pupils. We work alongside you to help create signs and graphics that represent your school’s values and fit within your budget.

Got an idea for an interactive display for your school? Get in touch with our team today and we’ll help you make it a reality!


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