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Infographic: Office branding ideas and inspiration

Office branding ideas and inspiration

Having an appealing working environment helps employees feel happier and more satisfied at work. It can even make your office a more productive and creative place to work.

Nowadays, office branding is about much more than a smart entrance sign. It includes graphics, decor, feature walls and even interactive signage. There’s really no limit when it comes to what can be achieved.

Effective office branding makes your workplace a more enticing place to work, and can even help you retain employees. It also enables you to differentiate your business from competitors and any other office space you might come across.

Practical and achievable office branding ideas

There are dozens of different ways to make a splash using signs, graphics and branding, including:

To show you what we mean, we’ve pulled together some of the best office branding ideas from installations we’ve previously completed. Take a look at them in the below infographic:

Digital Plus Office Branding Ideas