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Infographic: A close look at our large format print capabilities

A close look at our large format print capabilities

What makes a large format print specialist?

Well, a few things. The right equipment for a start. And the knowledge and experience to produce consistent results. You also need imagination, creativity and a can-do approach.

We’re a team of large format printers based in Leeds

We’ve been providing standout print for clients across UK for over 25 years.

  1. We manage every stage of your project, from inspiration to installation
  2. Our in-house creative digital design team bring ideas to life
  3. We provide hassle-free installation, 24/7

Our team is made up of 24 lovely employees and 9 gigantic machines.

The printing machines…

We have 5 professional printers capable of printing onto materials up to 3 metres wide and can print onto over 50 different materials.

The largest print run we’ve produced spanned 420 meters squared of wall coverings. It was for a school and took 10 hours to complete.

The finishing machines…

We have machines for cutting, mounting, laminating and plotting lettering. This allows us to prepare all our large format print for installation, speeding things up for our customers.

Project Plus

Is our complete print project management service, where you received dedicated support, from concept to completion. The very best large format print projects require and little extra time and planning to get right. That’s why we offer a service that goes the extra mile to deliver this to our customers.

Our capabilities span the full spectrum…

From individually crafted butterflies right through to 80m airport hangars! As large format printers, you never really know what the next request is going to be. But that’s exactly what makes the job so interesting!

Award-winning print

We’ve won numerous industry awards including bronze, silver and gold awards from FESPA – the federation of screen printing, digital printing and textile printing.

Want our help with your next project? Talk to our team today about your ideas and we’ll help you formulate a plan.