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VIDEO: How we guarantee high-quality digital print


Digital print with a close eye on quality

Here at Digital Plus, every piece of digital print we create has passed through the hands of several different trained experts before it reaches its end destination.


Well, it’s partly because applying a collaborative approach to production gets things done. But it’s also because each member of the team has a specialism and is responsible for ensuring their part of the process is executed accurately and effectively.

Our structured approach to production not only helps us to get through plenty of print each day, but it also means we maintain impeccably high standards. Essentially, everyone is accountable for ensuring the finished signs and graphics look the part, meet the original brief and are built to last.

One person who has a particularly important role to play in maintaining these standards is Luke Thirwall. Luke is our Finishing Supervisor and it’s his job to sign off the products we supply pre-delivery and installation.

He checks the content, quantity and finish to make sure the client is receiving exactly what they’ve requested. Noting everything down, Luke ensures the product is fit for purpose and progresses it onto the next stage where it is packed for delivery.

Take a look at this short video to see Luke in action and find out a little more about what he does:

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