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Brand your entire site with digital printing

A smart and professionally branded site creates a fantastic environment for customers and employees alike. Effective branding not only helps to make a space your own, but it is essential for making sure people can find their way around.

Most businesses rent their site, meaning there are some restrictions on the changes that can be made. But digital printing offers a temporary and effective way to personalise your work space.

We help companies from right across the retail, leisure and trade and education sectors brand their sites with innovative signs and graphics. Planning a refurb? Make sure these key factors are part of the equation:


1. Keep your branding consistent

Sticking to one or two colours and consistent typefaces ensures your branding remains recognisable, helping to create a cohesive scheme and make the space flow. There a dozens of places to add splashes of your brand, from reception desks to door signs, and a good, overall scheme will tie them all together effectively.


2. Enhance blank wall space

Vinyl wall graphics are the fast and affordable way to brand empty wall space with your messages. Motivational, functional or simply decorative, wall graphics enable you to get creative with text and images to create something that is completely unique to your company.

Clever wall graphics immediately grab the attention of visitors and customers, enabling you to showcase your key messages and achievements quickly and effectively.


3. Think about the practicalities

As we’ve mentioned, good site branding shouldn’t just look great, it also needs to be functional. Health and safety requirements should form a part of your planning, it’s also important you seek professional advice to ensure you get them right.

Another useful tactic is to approach your site as if you were trying to find your way around it for the very first time or get somebody to visit it afresh. This will give you a practical, objective idea of where people might get stuck and precisely which areas could do with being better signposted.


4. Make a good first impression

Whether you’re a customer, employee, supplier or guest, what you see when you immediately enter a site is going to leave a lasting impression. Creating a smart and welcoming entrance will set the tone for the rest of your space.

Simple changes, like branded floor tiles or window vinyl on glass doors may be subtle touches, but will help to create a professional finish. And for added impact, you could even choose a bolder statement, like illuminated or back-lit signage.


5. Use more than just the walls

Wherever there is blank space, there is an opportunity to use graphics to brand it. Modern printing technology allows us to add printed graphics on to almost anything, from lift doors to cupboards and stairs, there are endless opportunities to share your messages.


6. Represent your values

The culture of every business is different, which is something that should be celebrated. Using your working environment to showcase your company values serves as a visual reminder to your employees and helps new customers learn about your ethos.


7. Work with one point of contact

With so many different things to consider, having one point of contact during the refurbishment process is crucial to making sure everything comes together.

A good project manager will not only help you to develop a strong concept, but will ensure your project’s completed for the best price. From recommending the appropriate materials to advising on savings and installation times, their insights will help your re-brand take shape effectively.

Are you thinking of re-branding or refurbishing your space? Get in touch with our team today to find out more about Project Plus, our dedicated print project management service.