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How to cost-effectively transform your school environment using graphic print


Back in 2013, the University of Salford completed a study that found classroom environment can affect children’s academic progress by up to 25%.

Since then, architects and designers have cited this in relation to the development of new and innovative school buildings across the country.

But when there’s no new school building in the pipeline, is it still possible for you to improve your school environment to better engage your pupils?

Yes, it is, and it’s possible to do it cost-effectively too.

Graphic print is a fast and affordable way of transforming classroom and shared spaces, helping to freshen up your existing building and create a more fulfilling learning environment for the whole school to enjoy, in the process.

There are no limits on the way signs and graphics can be used creatively within your school, but as a starting point, here are the three main types and how best to use them.

Indoor Space Floor Graphics

2. Window and wall graphics

Transforming dull and empty walls with bright, visual graphics not only makes an environment more appealing, but the right messages can also help to keep your pupils motivated.

Why not get your pupils and staff involved in designing the scheme? This is a great way of creating shared sense of pride in the school as a whole and helping pupils and staff feel invested.

Printed Board Map for Schools by Digital Plus

Wall Chart Graphic for Schools by Digital Plus

3. Educational displays

Interactive wall displays are a fantastic way of encouraging engagement within classrooms and can be used by teachers and pupils alike as the centrepiece of activities and lessons.

Surface materials, like dry wipe and magnetic boards enable you to use them as learning tools again and again, for a huge range of different activities.

3. Banners and flags

The fantastic thing about banners and flags for schools is that they are simple and cost-effective to change, meaning you can keep your messages fresh and up-to-date the whole year round.

Whether you want to celebrate school achievements or display motivational messages, flags and banners are quick to produce and can be stored away and used whenever they are needed.

Got some ideas for enhancing your school environment? Get in touch with our team today and we’ll help you transform and get the most from your space.