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Lift Graphics – Where have I seen you before?

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Npower lift

Our install team at Npower Rainton took this photo, It shows one of Npower staff who were featured in the photo shoot for the lift door campaign last month. He was working at Rainton that weekend and whilst our team were installing the lift door graphics, it proved a great opportunity for a photo.

This project is a perfect example of our fast and efficient turnaround. This was the production schedule:

Wednesday 17th December: Photography commissioned by Npower to feature Npower staff.

Thursday 18th December: Artwork created by Npower to promote their fastest customer contact response times, out of the big 6 energy suppliers.

Friday 19th December: Artwork released to Digital Plus for production. Installation from 6pm on the same day at Rainton House, Sunderland.

Saturday 20th December: Installation of 24 double lift door graphics completed – 24 lifts in 24 hours!

We are exceptional at what we do, our understanding of the brief, through to the final installation make us a must on any suppliers list.

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