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Bradford Literature Festival

What’s the story?

Back in early July, Bradford’s annual Literature Festival took place in the city centre, at locations including City Park and the Bradford University campus. The festival took place over 10 days, with 500 writers and 400 separate events involved.

What was the requirement?

Digital Plus was called upon by the event organisers to produce and install a series of branded signs and graphics around the venues and city centre. These graphics were required to advertise the festival and its range of talks, speakers and events.

What was the solution?

We created several different printed displays, both for the inside and outside of the participating venues. These displays included:

  • Promotional signage
  • Window vinyl
  • Large, outdoor banners

Despite the weather being nice during the festival, the banners were designed to stand up to wind and rain, meaning they stayed looking fresh for the whole time they were required.

What were the results?

The signs and graphics were successfully installed over 3 days. The finished graphics looked bright, eye-catching and colourful, and the smart branding and images tied everything together nicely. The graphics helped Bradford Literature Festival to generate anticipation of the event in the local area.

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