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Airedale House

What’s the story?

Airedale House is a serviced office business centre on Kirkstall Road, Leeds. In order to create an engaging working environment for their clients, the centre needed to brand and signpost the space effectively.

What was the solution?

Digital Plus was called upon to produce all the display graphics and signage throughout the building. This included:

  • Entrance window vinyl
  • Reception plaques and office door plaques
  • Office window manifestations
  • Exterior protruding banners
  • Meeting room landscape wall murals
  • Corridor wall vinyl

What were the results?

In keeping with the Yorkshire theme specified by the client, we created a number of eye-catching wall graphics that add character to the space. All the graphics were made from quality materials and finished to a high level, meaning they will stand up to the demands of the busy working environment.

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