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Christmas window display ideas for small businesses


Christmas window display inspiration

Christmas window displays are an effective way of communicating with your local area. They make people smile and help catch the attention of passing Christmas crowds.

Sprucing up your business’ exterior for the festive period doesn’t have to be a cheesy affair either. There are plenty of unique, creative ways to dress a window that don’t involve stuffed reindeers, tinsel and garish flashing lights.

Take a look at some of these for starters…


Send a festive message

Dressing a window with vinyl lettering and graphics is the perfect way to speak to customers from the kerb. You could choose a generic seasonal greeting or tell people about your offers. Either way, the words you choose should help catch the eye of those who walk past.


Get crafty with an illustration

Patterns and illustrations are pleasing to the eye and can help you avoid gaudiness. Free-drawn or printed on adhesive window vinyl, illustrated graphics add a subtle touch of festive charm to any exterior.

You could design your own pattern or find a style you’d like to emulate. Teaming your illustrated design with words will enable you to tie in your seasonal messages too.


Create a scene with cut out shapes

If you have a larger area to play with, cut out figures and display panels add structure and allow you to build up a small scene. They also shield the interior of your space, encouraging customers to venture inside to see what’s hidden within.


Embellish with hanging decorations

Hanging decorations look elegant and stylish, as well as being incredibly simple to achieve. Simply thread your chosen items on to cord or wire and suspend from the ceiling. You could choose anything – baubles, pine cones, pompoms or snowflakes – go as creative or traditional as you want.


Feel the freeze with snow effects

You can’t beat a snow scene in a Christmas window display. It might be the obvious choice, but it’s an effective one. Snow shapes lend themselves perfectly to window graphics and are incredibly easy to get right.


Create a festive winter scene

Sometimes bigger is better. And Christmas window scenes are sure to make people stop and stare. They may not be appropriate for every business, but for retail spaces like gift shops, they make the perfect statement. Scenes like this are always enjoyable to look at too.

Got some ideas for printed Christmas graphics at your workplace? Talk to one of our experts and we’ll help you get started.